Pleasure Trove


Pleasure Trove was opened in May 2010 by renowned group operating Epicurean Alley, Jungle Bhook, WOW in Amdavad city. Their experience spans in the hospitality industry for the past 3 generations. They appointed a branding architect Rehan Saiyed, of Storm Corporate Design Limited from New Zealand, and worked together to create a space with a contemporary black and white trend which ran through the entir'e restaurant, along with its brand communication, creating a brand experience.

The restaurant over a very short span has built a huge loyal clientele creating a busy restaurant. The Restaurant combine elements of modern interior design with familiarity to provide the area with a unique luscious dining experience. Pleasure Trove is a venue that attracts a varied crowd, who have only one thing in common; a desire for quality and luscious food.

We've been to Pleasure Trove many times over the years. We know what to expect: great food and great prices. I suggest checking them out. We've been to Pleasure Trove many times.

Vandana Giri (Ahmedabad)